Something a little different

I guess it could be a couple of somethings a little different today.

1. This is a day late. That’s due to my laptop refusing to type (as detailed here) and Greg having disconnected his computer to fix my mom’s computer. I debated trying to do the blog from my phone but knew I’d quickly lose patience.

2. I’m going off of our normal guided tour through the Top Ten.

3. This is because Stephen King has released a new book. For those of you fairly new here, see here and here to see why this might be a time where I wanted to go off script.

4. Yes, this all means that I will be talking about Revival, released November 11th, 2014.

5. Yes, I did in fact read the entire thing by yesterday, November 13th. I started November 12th. While I am not Dave (who can read over 300 books in a year), I can be fast when the mood strikes.

6. For those of you that are “old school” Stephen King fans, definitely check this one out. The entire book has a sense of creepiness to it. Even when the story is being positive, or benign or sentimental, you just have this feeling that _something_ is about to happen. And while some of you may scoff and say that “of course you would think that, it’s a Stephen King novel”, that’s just simply not true of all of his books these last four years. Of course being books, something does indeed happen in every novel. But, that something isn’t always horror. This is horror. It’s probably partly to do with parts of the very first 2 pages of the book.

“But sometimes a person who fits none of these categories comes into your life. This is the joker who pops out of the deck at odd intervals over the years, often during a moment of crisis. In the movies this sort of character is known as the fifth business, or the change agent. When he turns up in a film, you know he’s there because the screenwriter put him there. But who is screenwriting our lives? Fate or coincidence? I want to believe it’s the latter. I want that with all my heart and soul. When I think of Charles Jacobs-my fifth business, my change agent, my nemesis-I can’t bear to believe his presence in my life had anything to do with fate. It would mean that all these terrible things–these horrors-were meant to happen. If that is so, then there is no such thing as light and our belief in it is a follish illusion. IF that is so, we live in darkness like animals in a burrow, or ants deep in their hill.
And not alone”.

Then when the main character, Jamie, first meets Charles Jacobs, at the age of five;
“Plenty going on, but at that moment everything seemed to fall still. I know it’s only the sort of illusion caused by a faulty memory (not to mention a suitcase loaded with dark associations), but the recollection is very strong. All of a sudden there were no kids yelling in the backyard, no records playing upstairs, no banging from the garage. Not a single bird singing.”

The story starts out with Charles Jacobs as the new, very young (in his mid 20s) minister in town. He has a young wife and a young son. The whole congregation loves them, though the kids do become a little tired of Jacobs’ love of mixing a Bible lesson in with lessons on electricity, which are his obsession. Then tragedy strikes the family and he loses his faith. In a major way. In a sermon in the pulpit to his church way.

He leaves, and Jamie narrates his life in his teens, and the beginning of his career as a guitarist, not a phenomenal one, though a bit of a natural one. Then later in his life, when he is literally within touching distance of rock bottom, he runs into Jacobs again.

And then in his 50s, he becomes entwined with Jacobs once again.

For much of their lives, they do not interact. They are not in contact. And while there are parts of Jamie’s life that you might find strange are not more detailed in there, I also think that with tragedies we often have selective memories, or divorce feelings from that tragedy, which might be why Jamie thinks of his first girlfriend more than deaths in his life.

This is not a hopeful story. In fact, it’s pretty bleak. Oftentimes, King stories end on a positive note. This one ends on a slightly apathetic, dismal and foreboding note.

7. This is a future re-read already.

8. I love when Stephen King releases novels right around my birthday, because then it’s a sure thing I’ll get it.

9. My birthday was November 12th. Dave’s birthday is November 12th. We were fated to do this blog. Also, it ensures that there are two people that will always remember my birthday (I have another friend that shares my birthday. Unfortunately, he and Dave don’t know each other at all, which is sad, since that would be really weird, in a good way).

10. There is no ten, it just felt weird not to have a 10.

Enjoy your weekend! We are expecting snow tomorrow, 2.5 inches. Snowpacalypse. Oh wait. It’s Nebraska. Never mind.

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