The Brothers Karamazov–part 1

So, this week I am blogging about The Brothers Karamazov, by Dostoevsky.

For those of you that are unaware, Dostoevsky is one of the Russian greats. He also wrote Crime and Punishment. Which is a much shorter novel than The Brothers Karamazov. Which is a perfect lead in to my next paragraph.

I haven’t finished the book. I will be having a part 2 next week. In my defense, it is over 800 pages. It is much easier to read than Anna Karenina though.

So, I will give my impressions so far from the first third of the novel.

There is A LOT of theological discussion. Is God real? Not real? Is there a Heaven? Not a Heaven? Is the Church an object of reverence? Or an object of ridicule?

There is also talk of a revolution in it. Which, considering its Russia, might seem normal. Until you realize this was written in the 1800s and the Communist Revolution didn’t happen until the 1900s. So it was interesting to me that it was enough in the consciousness that it was showing up in literature. It appears the country was ripe for Lenin and Marx.

There is also a weird geometric love story happening between two brothers, a father, and two women. The third brother  is a part of the church, while the middle is an atheist. The oldest is sort of a passionate idiot.

I am really enjoying this book. I look forward to talking about it next week with y’all. I’ll also tell you who listed it in their top ten next week. And have possible quotes from it. This isn’t meant as a lure or cliffhanger, or a thing of suspense. It’s more of a “typing this on my phone and my thumb hurts”.

Have a great week! Good luck on any holiday stuff you have going on!

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