In which I am in the same room as STEPHEN KING

First, I apologize for this being a day late. I have no excuse other than I forgot.

Second, on Tuesday past, June 14th, I saw Stephen King speak! Now those of you on my facebook are already aware of this. And the geek excitement that I had. Those of you that are blog readers of this blog, know that I would be geek excited.  So, yes, I was super excited.

So, Stephen King spoke at the Kaneko Center. For those of you in the Omaha metro, I highly recommend checking Kaneko out. (Jeremy, if you’re reading this, I was like “Greg! this is where I met Jeremy!). The Bookworm hosted it. Now, the Bookworm is an independent bookstore here in Omaha. I recommend going there.  It’s always, always recommended that you support your local bookstores.

Okay, so before he started speaking, I heard someone that was working the event say that they had volunteered to work it. My thought was why did I not know about this!? I mean the volunteers got to MEET HIM like in person. Not just hear him talk. Big regret of my life now.

Stephen King is a huge baseball fan. He came out wearing a Huskers baseball t-shirt. He said he was sad that he was here the week -before- the College World Series. He came out years ago with Little League teams. But, he finished that he wouldn’t go again until it was at Rosenblatt stadium.Of course, a bunch of people applauded this.

He said he often hears one of two things (and all language is his, not me adding it in):

“You scare the shit out of me. Can I have a hug?”

“Oh this is great. I can scratch you off my bucket list”. He then said about that “What a fucking creepy word, bucket list”.

He talked about his son, Joe Hill. Hill’s latest book, The Fireman is #1 on the NYT bestseller list. I can say that I recommend it. He went on to say that we should go to the Bookworm and buy a copy. But buy one of his own books first, because he was older.

He also talked about the prevalence of Nebraska cropping up in his books. He saId he first became fascinated when he was 10. During Charles Starkweather’s rampage across the state. He couldn’t figure out why he was fascinated. But his mother found the clippings and said “Steve, I feel like this isn’t quite normal”. He said that the emptiness of Nebraska appeals to him.

He talked about how the Children of the Corn movies (all the sequels) became a household joke with them saying “Children of the Corn in Outer Space” and his son Owen (also a novelist) saying “Children of the Corn vs Leprechaun”.

Next year, Owen and Stephen will have a book coming out that they co-authored.

He talked about how he was really three people.

Regular Home Steve: Yes, dear, go along to get along type guy. No standing ovations at home.

Public Steve: Comes out to speak to the public.

Scary Steve: Won’t travel. Sick guy. Leave him alone. Don’t mess with him much.

He talked about how good stories, you need to feel a connection wit the character, they have to be worth caring about.

He said you can see the difference in Friday the 13th movies, you “go to see what weird fucking ways they die”. Then he contrasted it with Halloween movie, where you rooted for Jamie Lee Curtis to live.

He talked about how it was weird to be in front of a crowd. That writers by nature are introverts, and are supposed to observe instead of being observed. He says he always makes sure his fly is zipped before stepping on stage.

He said that John Grisham once told him that they were famous writers in a country that doesn’t read.

He also said he takes books everywhere, they’re great friends. (See, Dad, if you’re reading this, I wasn’t the only one that ever did this!).

It was an amazing experience and one I am so happy to have had.

Have a great weekend!

2 responses to “In which I am in the same room as STEPHEN KING

  1. Color me jealous, but I’m glad you had the chance to go.

    I saw your Facebook post when the event was first announced, but it was a weekday so there wasn’t a good way for me to fit that into my schedule. Besides, I probably wouldn’t have gotten a ticket anyway.

    Thanks for blogging about it. I appreciate the chance to get a glimpse into the event.

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