Four Year Anniversary Of This Blog!

Exactly four years ago our first post went live. Exactly four years today (that’s why we’re posting today instead of our usual Thursday). As such, we wanted to do something a little special this week. One of our regular readers, Jeremy Morong, was kind enough to write a wonderful guest post to give some thoughts about this blog and what it has meant to him over the last four years. Let’s give Jeremy a listen:

I am of the opinion that Kim and David started Eleven and a Half Years of Books to show off how smart they are.

I could be wrong. It happens. Perhaps they simply wanted to create a forum where they could offer their insights into literature in an always entertaining and lively fashion, using The Top Ten: Writers Pick Their Favorite Books as a guide. Perhaps. I can’t rule it out. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to be cynical about these things.

Then again, I don’t believe their motive matters, because when smart, insightful people offer us their wisdom, it makes us smarter, too. Sort of allows us to play catch up, and ride their coattails. So when we find a site like Eleven and a Half Years of Books, a blog that gives us a chance to view reading a book on a whole other level, a higher one, in a way that our high school English teachers so desperately wished they could. Of course, in most cases, they failed. Sometimes spectacularly. But maybe that’s only me…

Kim and David are not failing. Each week, we are gifted a look at the incredible world of books. It will likely be a book review, which is great—that’s what we are seeking. But sometimes there’s something else, and that’s great, too—there might be a discussion on author pseudonyms, reviews of short stories, perhaps an author interview, or, if we’re really lucky, we might find that we are the ones being interviewed, like I once was!

In short, I want to thank Kim and David. We always need more people sharing with us the love of reading. Week in and week out, they do that. It’s not easy; writing a blog is tough. Writing a blog, consistently and on schedule, with quality content each time (for four years!) is tougher still. It is truly impressive. Believe me, I know—I’ve started a few myself, and it hasn’t been pretty.

With that, I would like to offer Kim and David both my congratulations and appreciation, and I look forward to what’s next. I know I’ll be reading.


-Jeremy Morong

Jeremy Morong is a writer from Omaha. His first short-story collection, The Legend of Hummel Park and Other Stories, was published this fall; it was inspired by a park in Omaha with a mysterious history. His first-person tale of killing vampires titled The Adventures of Braxton Revere was released by EAB Publishing in May 2015. His first novel, the adventure-fantasy On the Backs of Dragons, was published in 2013. He is currently the Production Manager for the literary journal Midnight Circus. He lives with his wife Abby and their two children.