The Giving Tree

Merry Christmas!

I know. I’m late again today. In my defense, it’s my resolution for the new year.

And it has been Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Today I am talking briefly about The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. Adriana Trigliani listed it in her Top Ten.

The tale is one of a boy and his tree. As the boy gets older, he keeps demanding more and more from the tree. Who keeps giving and giving. The tale ends with the boy as an old man and the tree as a stump. It is apparently a metaphor for parenthood. I find it disturbing and creepy. And I am a parent. Maybe this is partly where helicopter parents came from. There were too many readings of this in their childhoods.

To me, a story that has the parent or tree always giving and giving until they’re DEAD because of the giving is just wrong.

It’s not a really long book which is why this is not a really long post.

It reminds me of another book that might have contributed to helicopter parenting and is creepy as hell too.

Love You Forever. It’s a story meant to make you “awwww!”. And it does. The first time you hear it. After that it just gets more and more disturbing in some ways. Much like being happy to give until you are DEAD is more and more disturbing each time.

Sadly, I am still reading Brothers Karamazov.

i hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! Tomorrow I get to see Dave in person. I’m excited 🙂 (I also get to see Shannon as well which is even more exciting :p sorry Dave!)

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